The perfect dress.

It needs to grab attention. It needs to be flattering. It needs to be gobsmacking, jawdropping, heart stoppingly fabulous. No less.






GRABS ATTENTION: 9/10. It isn’t quite Lady Gaga’s meat dress, but it is pretty out there.

FLATTERS: 10/10. Cinched in at the waist, covers up all problem areas, this is a curvy woman’s bestest bud.

FABULOSITY: 8/10. Pretty fabby, with pearl cuffs.




GRABS ATTENTION: 8/10. Not exactly OMG! WTF! material, is it?

FLATTERS: 9/10. Clingy material could cling to the wrong places…

FABULOSITY: 9/10. Having a cape thing to swish around would be pretty fab.





GRABS ATTENTION: 9.5/10. Very nearly entering Gaga territory.

FLATTERS: 8/10. Could just end up being… big.

FABULOSITY: 9.5/ 10. Everyone wants to be a princess!


Yes, the pursuit of the perfect dress is exhausting. Even when I try to invent my own perfect dress, it ends up less than perfect, as seen from the scores above.


Why, oh why? That attention grabbing, flattering, gobsmacking, jawdropping, heart stoppingly fabulous dress is always so far out of my reach…


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