Momoko Shimotsuma

After seeing this picture, I knew exactly what to do with my spare scrap of lace…



Lace cuffs are a great addition to a plain outfit for instant cute-ification.

Materials Needed:

Two pieces of lace, long enough to wrap around your wrist twice and 18 cam wide.

Two pieces of elastic approx 20cm long (depending on the size of your wrist).

Two pieces of fabric 5.5cm wide, long enough to wrap around wrist twice.

Needle and thread.

Two pieces of different coloured ribbon.



1. Fold your piece of lace in half lengthways.


2. Now fold in half width ways and sew closed. You should not have two cuff shaped pieces of lace. Tuen inside out so that the sewing is hidden.


3. Sew wide stitches along the ragged edge. Pull the thread to gather the fabric. Make sure the cuff will pass over your hand and wrist easily. Set aside.


4. Fold your strip of fabric length ways, with the wrong side facing out and sew along the open side. Turn inside out. An easy way to do this is to  secure a safety pin at the top of the tube and then feed it through the tube.


5. Thread the elastic through the tube. Tie a double knot and snip off the unwanted ends of the elastic.


6. Fold the two open ends in, to hide the scraggy fabric.Press the two smooth edges against each other and sew closed.

7. Pin the elasticated ring to the lace, aligning the scraggy bit of the lace to the seam of the ring. Sew together.

8. Go to my previous post and make two ribbon roses. Tie two bows in the remaining ribbon.

9. Sew these decorations onto the cuffs.

10. Slip on and feel the Lolita Love!



tumblr_m8bgus7Nxn1rbpm61o1_500 (1)


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