Bizarre things happen when one is bored.

I had nothing to do today. Zada. Zip. Zero. ZILCH.

So I decided to pick a book out at random and design five different outfits inspired by the book. I closed my eyes and plucked ‘1000 Facts On Mammals’ from my shelf.

Behold the results:

I saw…



I drew…


(By the way, the skirt on the right is supposed to be made up of many wolf tails. Not exactly animal rights, but I have artistic license.)

I saw…



I drew…


Excuse the paint splatter. I’m not exactly what people call a neat freak…

I saw…


I drew…


That was fun, even if the resulting designs were a tad pathetic. Although, I would actually wear the lamb jumper. A nice little benefit from this project was a messy paint palette. I love messy paint palettes. They just put a smile to my face.


Isn’t it just so gorgeous? So colourful and sparkly. Sometimes the most beautiful masterpiece is created when you don’t even try.



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