I admit. I’ve fallen deeply in love.


No silly , not with Marilyn Monroe. I know that  relationship would never work out. There are just too many factors standing in our way:

1. She’s a girl. I’m a girl.

2.  She reminds me of a vintage Angelina Jolie. And I can’t stand Angelina Jolie.

3. It doesn’t look like the lurrrve is reciprocated. Look how she’s leaning away from my kiss…

4.  She’s just a tad messed up.

5. And last but by far not least, She’s a little, erm, dead.

No, the love that is blossoming like a newly awakened flower in my heart is for vintage hair.



Apres le Vintage Fashion Fair, I realised I was missing out on a whole world full of glamorous pin up hairstyles. I’m going to take a break from my plaiting rituals, lay aside the straightener and try and restrain myself from flinging on pretty headbands. Because pincurls are so much more gorgeous and seductive. They can transform anybody into a movie starlet in seconds


Why didn’t I realise this before? It’s not like vintage style hair isn’t popular, what with Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera.

All it took an adorable hairstyle costing ten euros. That is what bought my l’amour.


Take a look at this Cork hair stylist’s blog:


There’s lots of vintage hairspiration! She’s also the one who did my hair. Well done her.



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