As you can probably tell from my writing style and content, I am not a tabloid kinda gal. I am not the sort to flick absentmindedly through a magazine, oohing and aahing at the daily rituals in a celebrities life. Granted, I would not say no to a copy of NOW magazine to help ease time along while awaiting a haircut or if it happened to be left on a bus seat, but I’d never ever buy one.


So why on Earth was I away for a whole week doing work experience at such a magazine with no time to update this, my little blog?

Fear not, there is a simple, rational explanation and I am not going to begin blogging about ‘the lastest goss’ any time soon. (Well, I lie, I’m going to post some of my articles up). No, the simple reason is because I love writing and I desperately wish to become an editor of a magazine some day.

My magazine will have class. It will be presented absolutely beautifully. Its content will be heavily based on opinions, fashion, culture and health. I have no intention to include any sort of celebrity, unless I admire their work and achievements. I respected none of the women I wrote about last week, with perhaps the exception of Victoria Beckham.

I have learnt a lot from this work experience. I have discovered what not to do:

1. Ensure all your information is coming grom your own head or from primary sources (ie interviews, books, polls, own research etc.). No internet research whatsoever. This will keep articles fresh, relevant and focused. There are too many other opinions out there. I think each journalist should strive to retain their own.

2. I would encourage a more active workplace, one in which everyone discusses their own ideas. I think each writer should bring forth their individual style, instead of bending to the magazine’s style.

3. A great graphic design is a must for magazines. It must be fresh  and attractive. If aimed at women, hey must feel like it’s a treat for the senses. Silky paper, stunning imagery and readable , classy type.

However, I throughly enjoyed my experience and although there is a hint of disdain and disapproval of celebrities foolish antics in my articles, it was a teensy bit enjoyable whiling away hours researching such silliness. Hmm, a job in tabloids here I come!


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