Copy Cat-walk

I was a tad lazy and could not be bothered creating my own clothes. Therefore I simply plucked garments from magazines and transcribed them onto my sketchpad. I added a hint of my own style. Tah dah! Instant fashion designer, without all the work...   UNO Clashing prints is supposedly 'so in' right now. I'm … Continue reading Copy Cat-walk


Topshop Prom Queen

Oooooooh, this has to be the most exciting competition ever. A couple of days ago, I was in Topshop, merrily buying a mentally wonderful pair of pants. I picked up a competition flyer when I reached the counter, rather absentmindedly. Suddenly, the young cashier burst into life. Her heavily lined eyes grew wide. 'You have to enter … Continue reading Topshop Prom Queen

Mammal Magic

Bizarre things happen when one is bored. I had nothing to do today. Zada. Zip. Zero. ZILCH. So I decided to pick a book out at random and design five different outfits inspired by the book. I closed my eyes and plucked '1000 Facts On Mammals' from my shelf. Behold the results: I saw... I drew... … Continue reading Mammal Magic