‘Bounty’ful Bar

Little brothers, you got to love 'em. 'Siobhan, everything you make is disgusting! Ew, everything that's healthy is¬†horrible.' ¬†Yada, yada, yada. My brother is at that awkward stage early teenager stage. He is convinced that he must remain 'cool' at all times. Health food does not fall into the cool category. Every one of my … Continue reading ‘Bounty’ful Bar


The Ghost of Audrey Hepburn Past

Audrey Hepburn died 20 years ago. She died loved and honored for her style, film work and charity work. She was a softly spoken, elegant woman, one of the few young actresses that preserved her fresh, innocent, beautiful visage into her autumn days. Her beauty was true. It wasn't contrived or achieved. She always wore … Continue reading The Ghost of Audrey Hepburn Past