How to be a Hatter

So you want to be a hatter? Well, thankfully these days hatters don't become mad... Milliners really were mental in the old days (like the fellow in Alice in Wonderland) because of mercury found in the felt they used. They have the shakes and 'felt' terrified of people. The mercury lodged in their brains and … Continue reading How to be a Hatter


So you think you’ve got hattitude?

Hats. Who wears hats these days? They're itchy, they're hot and they're just not fashionable. They mess up perfected hairstyles and cause unsightly red rims on flawless foreheads. That was what I thought, before I found my inner hattitude. You see, there was a time when donning a hats was not a choice, but a … Continue reading So you think you’ve got hattitude?