Rabbit Cake

Peanut and Raisin? Peace and Tranquility? Guacamole and Garganzola? Beamish and Crawford? The perfect Peanut and Raisin. Decisions, decisions. What name will our poor unsuspecting new family addition be lumbered with? Definitely not Bugs, Carrots or Hop, that's for sure. We don't really go mainstream in terms of pet names. Oh yes, we  try, but some … Continue reading Rabbit Cake


‘Bounty’ful Bar

Little brothers, you got to love 'em. 'Siobhan, everything you make is disgusting! Ew, everything that's healthy is horrible.'  Yada, yada, yada. My brother is at that awkward stage early teenager stage. He is convinced that he must remain 'cool' at all times. Health food does not fall into the cool category. Every one of my … Continue reading ‘Bounty’ful Bar