Cakes of the Pan

People of the world! I have discovered the most amazing drool worthy recipe and you must try it. Or else I may come to your house and force feed you. These cakes de la pan are the scrummiest, most delish thingy bob that I have created yet! It's a miracle. They actually taste and look … Continue reading Cakes of the Pan


Rabbit Cake

Peanut and Raisin? Peace and Tranquility? Guacamole and Garganzola? Beamish and Crawford? The perfect Peanut and Raisin. Decisions, decisions. What name will our poor unsuspecting new family addition be lumbered with? Definitely not Bugs, Carrots or Hop, that's for sure. We don't really go mainstream in terms of pet names. Oh yes, we  try, but some … Continue reading Rabbit Cake