A Brush With True Love…

I admit. I've fallen deeply in love. No silly , not with Marilyn Monroe. I know that  relationship would never work out. There are just too many factors standing in our way: 1. She's a girl. I'm a girl. 2.  She reminds me of a vintage Angelina Jolie. And I can't stand Angelina Jolie. 3. It … Continue reading A Brush With True Love…


Le Chat Noir Vintage Fair

Popped along to a vintage fair today with my trusty canon. I was absolutely inspired by the amount of talent humble little Cork has to offer. Most of the items weren't actually vintage, but vintage inspired. There was a vast selection of high quality craft. I discovered many new designers and little businesses that I … Continue reading Le Chat Noir Vintage Fair

Blanc et Noir

Effortless. Flawless. Black and white is simple, elegant... french. Here we have tarty teens covered in harsh, garish prints. We have mums sporting ugly pink cardigans. We have weird green tartan uniforms. Our legs are clad in day glo green lyrca. We even wear blue eye shadow and call it fashionable. Over yonder in those exotic … Continue reading Blanc et Noir